Education Abroad & Domestic Programs

Emerson College students don't just call Boston home. Find the Emerson experience in over a dozen cities in the US and internationally.

Program Spotlight: Education Abroad & Domestic Programs

Take a look at what wonderful opportunities Emerson College has to offer in our education abroad programs!

Education Abroad & Domestic Programs is committed to providing Emerson students with opportunities to explore their academic goals and expand their cultural knowledge in international settings and global environments. The experience of living in a new country can alter how you view yourself, the world and your own country. In addition to Emerson-sponsored external programs in Los Angeles, The Netherlands, Prague, Spain, Beijing and Shanghai, Austria, Greece, France, Ireland, Mexico and Washington, D.C., students can enroll for a semester of study through non-affiliated universities and other study abroad programs. Depending on your academic and professional goals, we will support you in finding a program suited to your needs.

Please phone our office to set up an education abroad advising appointment (617-824-8567). Note that approval of coursework for transfer, particularly within the major, is not automatic. Students must first submit specific information and receive course approval from the Registrar’s Office before enrolling at another institution to study abroad.

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