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Emerson Counseling and Psychological Services (ECAPS) is a place for students to begin exploring personal concerns, family problems, or psychological issues. Call 617-824-8595 to make an appointment.

ECAPS serves as a resource to assist students in developing their potential. We offer a variety of services, including:

Limitations and Fees


ECAPS staff is available to students, faculty, and staff for consultation regarding concerns about Emerson students, as well as matters related to student life and development. Consultation and training is provided for other campus resources, as well, including resident’s assistants and directors.

Psychiatric Medication Evaluation

At ECAPS, we offer limited psychiatric services to students as an adjunct to counseling. Students who have medication evaluations and management with our psychiatric provider are required to be participating in concurrent counseling at ECAPS and must be referred by an ECAPS counselor. Please ask your counselor about the referral process and they will work with you to take the appropriate steps. Psychiatric services at ECAPS are free and confidential to students in brief counseling at our center. In order to have long-term medication management, we also provide referrals off-campus to a psychiatric provider that can meet your needs. 

Limitations of Treatment

Counseling and Psychological Services employs a short-term counseling model. If an assessment indicates that a student’s therapeutic needs are beyond the scope of what we are able to offer (e.g., expertise required or frequency of therapeutic contact indicated), the student will be given assistance in securing alternative off-campus therapeutic resources.


All services provided at Counseling and Psychological Services are free of charge to all full-time undergraduate students.  Services are also free for part-time undergraduate and graduate students who have paid the Student Health Fee.

Assistance with referrals for Emerson community members who are not eligible for services is also provided free of charge.