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Meal Plans

On Campus Meal Plan Options

On campus meal plans are semesterly. Students default to the Flex plan and have the opportunity to change the meal plan once per semester. For Fall 2016, changes must occur by September 30. Each on campus meal plan consists of:

  • Meals: Can be used at the Little Building Dining Hall
  • Board Bucks: Can be used at any campus eatery and are deducted based on the dollar amount spent
Plan Number of Meals* Guest Meals Board Bucks Cost
Flex Plan 101* 10 650 Part of room and board charge on student account.
Unlimited Plan unlimited* 10 150 Additional $71.00 per semester
Block Plan 80* 10 800 Additional $57.00 per semester

* The meals portion of each meal plan can only be used at the Little Building Dining Hall.

Commuter Meal Plan Options

Only off campus students are eligible to purchase a Commuter Meal Plan. Commuter Meal Plans expire on the last day of the academic year. Unused meal and Board Bucks balances will not carry over to the next academic year.

Plan Number of Meals Guest Meals Board Bucks Cost
Commuter Meal Plan #1 20 0 100 $308.00 per plan
Commuter Meal Plan #2 30 0 0 $308.00 per plan
Commuter Meal Plan #3 0 0 100 $100.00 per plan

Selecting a Meal Plan

On Campus: All students are defaulted to the Flex plan. We recommend that all students wait until they have determined where their classes are, where they are living and where they will be eating before making a change to the meal plan. Meal plans can be changed ONCE per semester via eCommon.

Off-Campus: Off-campus students can Purchase a Commuter Meal Plan beginning August 1, 2016.

Changing a Meal Plan

Students may change their meal plan once per semester. Changes are initiated online via eCommon and, for the Fall 2016, must occur prior to September 30, 2016. Changes made will be effective no later than the Monday following the submission of the student’s change request form.

Additional changes will be granted under extreme circumstances by appealing to the Food and Housing Petition Board. Please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life for information regarding the petition process.

Board Bucks

Board Bucks for on campus meal plans must be utilized by the end of the Spring semester and cannot be requested in a refund.

Commuter meal plans and their associated Board bucks will not be carried over to the next academic year.

Business Services

Business Services manages the Dining & Catering as well as other services on campus. Please visit Business Services site for more information.