Billing & Student Accounts

Emergency Loan

The Emerson Student Emergency Loan (eSEL) was established with donations from Emerson alumni, friends, and parents to assist students in meeting short-term emergency financial obligations.

Students must describe why the loan is needed, and they must be able to repay the loan within 45 days.


Complete the eSEL loan application and submit it to the Office of Student Accounts. You will be notified of the fund administrator decision within 24 hours. You will receive an email via your Emerson email account.

Loan Qualifications

The eSEL Program is administered with the following guidelines:

  • The individual applying for the loan must be a matriculated student enrolled at least half time.
  • The loan is only for emergencies and unexpected life events. Examples: travel home due to a family emergency, transition funds due to lost/stolen wallet, unexpected medical/dental needs, job interview expenses, and educational expenses that could not be foreseen at the beginning of the semester.
  • The loan cannot be used for books, supplies, computer purchases, or other items that the student should have planned for at the beginning of the semester. This is not part of the Emerson College financial aid program.
  • Students may receive only one eSEL in any six-month period.
  • Students with outstanding balances with the College are not eligible to borrow through the eSEL Program until their student account balance is settled
  • eSEL Loans cannot be used to pay Emerson charges such as student account balances, College fines, or College fees.

Terms and Policies

  • Minimum loan amount is $50, maximum loan amount is $500
  • Loans must be repaid within 45 days of the date borrowed
  • Students are ineligible for an additional eSEL if they have a current outstanding eSEL
  • Receipt of eSEL funds is at the sole discretion of the fund administrator