Billing & Student Accounts

Tuition Payment Plan

The Tuition Payment Plan that was previously administered by Sallie Mae is now administered by Higher One. You may continue to see references to Sallie Mae on the enrollment site until it has been updated later this year

The Tuition Payment Plan gives you the option to make monthly, no interest payments. A Tuition Payment Plan must be set up prior to the bill due date.

Plan Options

  • Ten-month plan covering both Fall/Spring semesters with a $95 enrollment fee. First payment is July 1 (or at the time of sign up any day in July) and final payment is April 1.
  • Five-month plan for one semester with a $50 enrollment fee (July-Nov or Dec-April)

Plan Details

* Disclaimer: $45 of the one–time application fee for the annual Tuition Payment Plan is retained by Emerson College for administering the Tuition Payment Plan program. $15 is retained for the one semester plan.