Money Matters

What is Money Matters?

Money Matters is Emerson's financial education program for current students and alumni.  Covering personal finance topics like budgeting, debt management, credit, and identity theft, the goal of the program is to help students become more financially literate so that they can make informed judgments and effective decisions about their money. 

All program offerings are free for Emerson students and alums.

Why is financial literacy important?

We want students to be able to manage their money as well as they manage their film camera, stage role, journalism assignment or next publication.  Students come to Emerson with the hope that they'll be able to make a living in communication or the arts after they graduate.  While that means honing their craft, it also means acquiring the knowledge and skills to handle their money well once they've earned it.  This program enables our students to learn to manage their finances wisely and plan for their financial future.

How does it work?

Money Matters has several components so that students and alumni can pick and choose how to access the program offerings.  Money Matters includes:

  • Workshops on a range of basic financial topics offered in the residence halls and in partnership with student organizations and offices around campus.
  • On-campus events like Cooking on a Budget, Paint-a-Piggy Bank, scavenger hunts, and personal finance games.
  • One-on-one appointments with staff members who have earned certification as Accredited Financial Counselors®.  To earn this certification, individuals must meet training, experience, ethical and continuing education requirements set forth by the nonprofit Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education.  If you'd like to learn more about financial topics and would prefer to do so in an individual setting, contact us to set up an appointment.  This is a great resource that's not available at many other colleges or universities!
  • SALT, a dynamic online resource that makes it simple for students to take control of their finances and student loans.  Whether a new student is trying to figure out how to pay for the first year of college or an alumnus is trying to determine how much mortgage they can afford, SALT has fun, user-friendly tools that assist members with their personal goals.  From financial calculators to video tutorials, repayment navigators to job and scholarship search engines, SALT is a one-stop, FREE resource for current and former Emerson students.  

How to participate?

Use the links on the left to learn some basic information about financial topics.  Check our events listings and keep your eyes peeled for announcements and workshops. Sign up for SALT!  And follow us on Facebook for event information, tips and fun facts about money!

Money Matters

Learn how to manage your money.