Undergraduate Fees

Health Insurance

All students enrolled at least 75% of full-time (9 credits for undergraduate, 6 credits for graduate) status are required by law to have health insurance. A health insurance fee is therefore automatically added to all student accounts meeting this criterion. Coverage is effective August 15, 2014 through August 14, 2015, and is provided under a blanket policy issued to Emerson College.  See Student Health Insurance for full details and instructions for waiving coverage.

Undergraduate Student Services Fee

The Undergraduate Student Services Fee components include the following:

  • Student Services
  • Health Services
  • Student Government Association Fee

The components covered under the comprehensive fee provide the following services.

Student Services

The Student Services Fee supports all departments that provide student-oriented services and activities on campus, such as the Registrar’s Office, Student Life, Graduate Studies (for grad catalog only), and the Commencement Office.

Student Government Association Fee

A Student Government Association Fee is charged to each student to support student club– and organization–related programming and activities.

Health Clinic

This mandatory fee helps cover the cost of the College’s health clinic (Center for Health and Wellness) and related programs, including the Counseling and Psychological Services. All students who pay the health clinic fee are eligible for services. Students are required to provide a health record, completed by their physician, prior to their arrival on campus. Students will have "health holds" on their accounts until records are received.

Unless there is an emergency, all students with college health insurance should visit the health clinic first. Students will then be referred to a physician or emergency room if necessary. Utilizing the clinic before an off-campus physician helps the College keep insurance premiums down.

The Health Clinic provides the following services, among others:

  • Gynecology: Gynecological services are provided by a gynecological nurse practitioner, available by appointment.
  • Family planning: Family planning, counseling, and pregnancy testing are available in the clinic.
  • Allergy treatment: Allergy injections are administered to students who provide their own allergy extracts and orders from their allergist. Allergy injections are given only when the physician is in the clinic.
  • Lab tests and x-rays: Laboratory tests and x-ray studies are done by outside lab and x-ray facilities. All lab and x-ray bills are the student's responsibility.
  • Outside referrals: Referrals are sometimes made to specialists. Referrals are not covered by the College health fee and are the patient's financial responsibility.

International Student Orientation and Admin Fee

This fee, assessed once for new international students in their first semester, covers special orientation costs and the cost of overseas mailings and immigration document photocopying.

Late Registration Fee

This fee is assessed each time a student changes his or her class schedule after pre-registration.

Academic Course Fees

Students enrolled in certain courses, particularly those in Mass Communication, Computer Applications, Dance, and Voice and Music, will pay an additional fee. Academic departments set the fees to cover material and equipment costs. Questions about these fees should be directed to their respective departments. Most courses do not have fees.

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