Graduate Admission

Meet The Graduate Admission Staff

Our Graduate Admission staff is happy to assist you. Call 617-824-8610 or use the indivdual emails listed below.

  • Sean Granas

    Sean Ganas

    Director of Graduate Admission

    Program Liaison for:

    Communication Disorders

  • Tim Douglas

    Tim Douglas

    Assistant Director of Graduate Admission - Communications

    Program Liaison for:

    Creative Writing
    Media Art
    Publishing and Writing
    Theatre Education

  • Maura Vogel

    Maura Vogel

    Assistant Director of Graduate Admission - Operations

    Program Liaison for:

    Health Communication

  • Camille Bouknight

    Camille Bouknight

    Assistant Director of Graduate Admission - International Coordinator

    Program Liaison for:

    Communication Management
    Global Marketing Communicaton and Advertising
    Integrated Marketing Communication

  • Sandra Orlowski

    Sandra Orlowski

    Graduate Admission Operations Assistant

    Assistance with:

    Application Processing
    International Documentation

  • Kendra Rafferty

    Kendra Rafferty

    Graduate Admission Operations Coordinator

    Assistance with:

    Application Processing

  • Emerson

    Noah Wood

    Assistant to the Directors