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Publishing and Writing Fall 2014 Registration Information

On behalf of the Publishing department, welcome to Emerson College! We look forward to seeing you in the Fall.

As you prepare to begin the program in September, we wanted to provide you some information regarding course registration and timelines. This page is packed with information on the course registration process, available courses, and helpful general information. Please read through it carefully and bookmark this page as it may be updated in the future.


We recommend that students take no more than two courses their first semester, and only one course if you will be working full-time. You are free to take three courses, but we don’t encourage it if you will be working or interning or if you are new to the Boston area. Most students find it is better to spend the first semester getting settled in the program.

The department makes no distinction between full-time students (2 or more courses) and part-time students (1 course). Your status, however, will affect your financial aid eligibility. Please visit financial aid for more information.

Course Selection & Registration Process

Because you are not officially matriculated until the fall, we will work with you to register you for your fall courses. For the fall semester, at least one of your courses will be an overview course: book (PB683), magazine (PB680) or electronic (PB692). We will try to place as many students as possible in a second overview course as well to help students complete their overview requirements within the first year of the program.

Fall 2014 Courses lists all the courses that had open seats or were reserved for new students to the program. These are not all the courses offered through the program. They are only the classes that currently have open seats for the Fall.

Please download the following Files:

When you fill out the course form, please remember to:

  • Return the form to via email by Friday, July 18.

  • Indicate the number of classes you want for the fall and order the overview sections by personal preference to time and type.

  • If you are planning on taking 2 or 3 classes, you must also rank 6 of the elective courses that appeal to you. These electives are open to all students and are partially filled by returning students. Due to limited number of open seats, we ask that you identify six choices in case your top elective becomes filled.

We will assign your fall classes based on the information you provide on this sheet. I will try to place you in your top choices but due to our limited class size (12 students per class) I may need to place you in some of of your lower choices, especially if you choose popular classes (copyediting and topics courses). You will receive a confirmation email from the registrar near the start of the semester.

If you are interested in taking a workshop or lit class, please indicate that on your course form. I will be able to place MA students in any literature classes and writing workshops that still have open seats only after the incoming MFA students have registered.

A final note on closed courses. If a course is closed, there is no way to override the system. But you should also know that you have the following options:

  1. Once your are officially matriculated in the fall, you can check the course site for an opening.
  2. Go to the first class to see if anyone has dropped the course.

Students change their course selections right up to the drop/add date (second week of the semester). You can sometimes find a seat in a previously unavailable course during the first week of school by checking the website or attending the first class meeting.

Other Information

Assistantships: If you have an assistantship, the department will be in touch before the beginning of fall semester about your assignment.

Internships: Please contact Career Services or e-mail the department’s internship coordinator at

Contact Information

If you have any other questions about the program, feel free to contact the department. Shaylin Hogan can be reached at or 617-824-8228.

For general questions about Emerson College or the services we provide, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at or 617-824-8610.

You may also contact the program liaison, Tim Douglas, at or 617-752-1531.

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