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Graduate Admission

Journalism Fall 2013 Registration Information

I’m pleased to welcome you as the first class to enter Emerson’s Department of Journalism under its revamped, and we believe exciting, graduate curriculum.

You will be joining us from at least four foreign countries, from the West, the Southwest, the mid-Atlantic, the South, and, of course, the Northeastern United States. A majority of you have been out of school for one to four years, planning your next step. Most of you are women. Most of you are entering a new field, though some have worked in related areas. Your undergraduate degrees range from communication to biochemistry. Your interests vary as well. But, in keeping with the department’s new emphasis on what we like to call “journalism in the public’s interest,” a fair number of you have engaged in a range of public service and volunteer work along the way.

All of you should have received earlier correspondence about the mission, the goals and the nature of our program. We remain a program with a strong commitment to hands-on, experiential learning; to building a professional, multimedia portfolio; to getting into the city that surrounds Emerson to find compelling stories everyone else is NOT covering.

Our courses count four credits each and demand about 15 hours a week of work each. So students enrolled full-time typically take three courses or 12 credits. It is, however, possible to enroll in two courses for 8 credits, and still be considered full-time, and thus eligible for a loan package and aid awards (these already have been assigned).

Those of you taking 12 credits should enroll in these three courses in the first semester.

  • Writing and reporting
  • Visual storytelling and reporting
  • Critical perspectives

Those of you taking 8 credits should enroll in the first two. While it is possible to enroll in a single course, I would discourage you from doing so because the first two skills-based courses—Writing and Reporting and Visual Storytelling—;will be closely coordinated and should be taken at the same time.

The times in which these courses are scheduled is below. Please email me at or call me at 617-824-8806 so that I know what section preferences you might have. I will try to accommodate. I would request that you wait to do this until after May 8 because of the end-of-semester crunch here and a conference commitment I have. May 9 would be perfect. During your first semester (and first semester only) I register you for your classes. Thereafter, you’ll work through Emerson’s online registration process.

Here is the schedule:

  1. Critical Perspectives (JR602) – Professor Manny Paraschos
    4–5:45 p.m., Monday and Wednesday. 120 Boylston, Room 518
    NOTE: All students enrolling in three classes should register for this class.
  2. Writing and Reporting (JR607)
    Section 1 – Professor Mark Leccese
    10-11:45 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday, 120 Boylston, Room 634
    Section 2 – Professor Douglas Struck
    12-1:45 p.m., Tuesday and Thursday, 120 Boylston, Room 634
  3. Visual Storytelling and Reporting (JR609)
    Section 1 – Professor Marianna (“Mimi”) Edmunds
    2-3:45 p.m., Monday and Wednesday, 120 Boylston, Room 628
    Section 2 – Professor Janet Kolodzy
    12-1:45 pm., Monday and Wednesday, 120 Boylston, Room 628

I’ll be checking in with you by email every several weeks this summer just to see if you have any questions as you prepare to enroll at Emerson.  I look forward to seeing you all when classes begin. But don’t hesitate to ask about anything along the way. As the saying goes in journalism, “there are no dumb questions!”

Best regards,

Jerry Lanson
Director of Graduate Studies