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Integrated Marketing Communication Fall 2014 Registration Information

We’re getting ready for your arrival in Fall 2014 and therefore we want to give you an idea of how you’ll get started in your first semester here at Emerson College. We also need some information from you as well. This page provides details about courses for the Graduate IMC program and our course registration process for Fall 2014. Hopefully this brief FAQ will be helpful. You’ll get more information during Orientation – more about that later!

What Classes Will I Take This Fall?

Every new IMC student must take Marketing Management in your first semester. Most IMC students take two classes each semester, which is considered ‘full-time’. International students need to keep that ‘full-time’ status every semester. Once you tell us if you wish to take one, two or three courses, we will register you for the corresponding number of required courses, Research Methods, Consumer Behavior and/or Marketing Communication Integration Strategies along with Marketing Management.

How Many Courses Should I Take Each Semester?

We highly recommend you start your IMC experience with a maximum of two classes in the Fall semester, in order to get accustomed to the regimen in the classroom and study required outside the classroom. Each class meets for almost four hours one night each week and requires five to ten hours of study for weekly assignments and preparation outside of class. Students working full-time usually take just one class per semester. If you are taking one class, it will be Marketing Management. Students who take the maximum three courses typically will limit outside employment to ten hours a week. Charting a path through the program is a balance between speed and customization.

For more details related to program requirements, you can read Emerson’s Graduate Catalog.

It contains information about processes, in addition to course descriptions. Courses are not waived for students who have previously studied marketing in other academic programs.

When Do Classes Meet? (Course Listings are on Emerson’s e-Common Website)

MK610 Marketing Management Section 1: Wednesday

MK610 Marketing Management Section 2: Tuesday

MK604 Research Methods Section 1: Tuesday

MK604 Research Methods Section 2: Thursday

MK617 Consumer Behavior: Monday

MK618 Marketing Communication Integration Strategies: Monday

When Will Registration Requests Be Processed?

Requests for registration should be emailed using this document to by July 11th. After it is processed, your schedule will be available for you to view in your eCommon account. If you like to make a change to your schedule, you will only be able to do so during Orientation. Help us help you start your program smoothly by promptly emailing us back!

Who Will Be Processing Registrations and Answering Questions?

Registration questions should be emailed to

Textbooks for Fall Classes

The Emerson Online Bookstore lists the books that will be used in IMC classes ( Look for the Textbooks link to generate a customized book list. There is no obligation to buy from the Emerson bookstore, although it may be more convenient than other options. Some courses require additional readings that are not listed, such as case studies. In the fall, instructors will provide information about how to access those readings.

Special Note to International Students

For international students for whom English in not their first language, pre-College preparation courses and non-credit skills courses during the program of study may be required to test, determine, and improve student proficiency in writing, speaking and reading skills. The Office of Internationalization and Global Engagement will contact incoming students about the course requirements and schedules.

Other Information about Graduate School at Emerson

There is a great deal of information for all new students in the materials sent by the Registrar’s office and on the Emerson web pages. Information about housing and other issues related to “living and working in Boston” can be found on the Emerson website or you can stay in touch by posting on the wall of the Emerson Grad IMC profile page on Facebook:

Graduate Orientation

Keep in mind that the mandatory orientation will cover important information for new graduate students, so save Thursday, Auguest 28th on your calendar. Orientation for international graduate students is on Wednesday, August 27th. Although classes meet in the evening, orientation will be held during the day so there is adequate time to prepare you for the graduate experience. Orientation is the first of many commitments that you’ll make during graduate school, so attendance matters.

The preliminary schedule for orientation is available online.

The IMC Graduate Program Director role will be transitioning from me to Professor Brenda Wrigley beginning in the Fall. I’ve been asked to be Director of Business Studies and Entrepreneurship Studies beginning Fall 2014. I know that Brenda will get to know each of you beginning at orientation and throughout the semester. If you want to contact Brenda, here’s her email address:

Meantime, we look forward to receiving your registration request, so please fill out the attached form and send it to

Best wishes,

Lu Ann Reeb, M.B.A.
IMC Graduate Program Director

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