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Graduate Admission

Integrated Marketing Communication Fall 2013 Registration Information

Welcome to the Graduate IMC community at Emerson College! I look forward to meeting you at Graduate Orientation. This letter provides details about classes for the Graduate IMC program.

What Classes Will I Take This Fall?

First-semester students select from the following required courses: Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Research Methods and Marketing Communication: Achieving Success Through Integration. Everyone must take Marketing Management during the first semester. Electives may not be taken until three prerequisite courses have been completed.

How Many Courses Should I Take Each Semester?

Students may take one to three courses per semester. Most people take two classes each semester, which is considered “full-time.” Each class meets for four hours one night each week and requires five to ten hours of weekly assignments and preparation outside of class. Full-time working students usually take just one class per semester. Students who take the maximum three courses typically will limit outside employment to ten hours a week. Charting a path through the program is a balance between speed and customization.

For more details related to program requirements, read Emerson’s Graduate Catalog. It contains rules and regulations in addition to course descriptions. Courses are not waived for students who have previously studied marketing in other academic programs. If you are taking one class, it will be Marketing Management.

When Do Classes Meet? (Course Listings are on Emerson’s e-Common Website)

MK610 Marketing Management Section 1: Wednesday
MK610 Marketing Management Section 2: Tuesday
MK604 Research Methods Section 1: Tuesday
MK604 Research Methods Section 2: Thursday
MK617 Consumer Behavior: Monday
MK618 Marketing Communication – Achieving Success Through Integration: Monday

When Will Registration Requests Be Processed?

Requests for registration using this form should be emailed to by June 28. After it is processed, your schedule will be available for you to view in your e-Common account. If you like to make a change to your schedule, you will only be able to do so during Orientation. Help us help you start your program smoothly by promptly emailing this form back to us!

Who Will Be Processing Registrations and Answering Questions?

Sarah Collins, Staff Assistant in the Marketing Communication Department, will help me manage the registration process this summer. Registration questions for Sarah should be emailed to

Textbooks for Fall Classes

The Emerson Online Bookstore lists the books that will be used in IMC classes ( Look for the Textbooks link to generate a customized book list. There is no obligation to buy from the Emerson bookstore, although it may be more convenient than other options. Some courses require additional readings that are not listed, such as case studies. In the fall, instructors will provide information about how to access those readings in their posted syllabi.

Other Information about Graduate School at Emerson

There is a great deal of information for all new students in the materials sent by the Registrar’s office and on the Emerson web pages. Information about housing and other issues related to “living and working in Boston” can be found on the Emerson website. Additionally, you can stay in touch by posting on the wall of the Emerson Grad IMC profile page on Facebookor send an e-mail to

Keep in mind that the Mandatory Orientation will cover important information required by new students, so save Thursday, August 29th on your calendar. Although classes meet in the evening, orientation will be held during the day so there is adequate time to prepare you for the graduate experience. Orientation is the first of many commitments that you’ll make during graduate school, so attendance matters.

I look forward to receiving your registration request and meeting you this fall!

Best wishes,

Lu Ann Reeb, M.B.A.
Interim IMC Graduate Program Director
Emerson College
Boston, MA 02116