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Communication Management Fall 2014 Registration

Welcome to the Communication Management graduate program at Emerson College! I have put together information below to help you decide which classes to take this fall. Please read the information and email your course choices to me at I will then send along your choices to the registrar. It is important we register you as quickly as possible to adjust schedules and room sizes as needed.

We would like to announce exciting changes to our program for this coming year. We have added a new track in Political Communication. This adds to our highly successful track in Public Relations & Stakeholder Communication. Although the Human Resources track is no longer a distinct concentration, the classes associated with human resources are still part of the overall program. This allows incoming students to still focus on human resources if that is their goal.

Here are a few points to consider when deciding on your course load for fall 2014 and beyond. Each course is four credits. Taking two courses officially designates you as a full-time student. For people working full-time, taking more than two courses is not advisable. Many graduate students pursue our master’s degree while working part-time or solely focusing on full-time study. In such cases, taking a third class is appropriate. In total, 40 credits are needed for completion of the program. Below are suggestions for taking one, two, or three courses during the fall 2014 semester.


All incoming graduate students should take the required core course: CC 652 Emerging Communication Technologies Tuesdays 6:00-9:45


You should take the required course offered for concentration 1 or 2. I have included a description of each concentration at the bottom of this page.

Concentration 1: Public Relations & Stakeholder Communication
 CC 648 Stakeholder Relations and Communication Thursdays 6:00-9:45

Concentration 2: Political Communication CC 695 Political Communication Thursdays 6:00-9:45


If you are planning to take a third course, you may select from the following:

CC 626 Crisis Communication
 Wednesdays 6:00-9:45

CC 643 Global Communication Mondays 6:00-9:45


Concentration 1: Public Relations & Stakeholder Communication

An emphasis in public relations and stakeholder communication is a holistic approach to creating comprehensive public relations plans for private and public sector organizations. Managing identity and reputation in public communication takes a depth of knowledge in constructing meaningful messages for diverse audiences.

Students will:

  • Learn to align and target messages across critical stakeholder groups

  • Engage in relationship-building with a number of different traditional and Internet-based media, as well as varied types of communities

  • Analyze the best uses of communication channels (community meetings, press conferences, websites, social media platforms, online videos) for managing how publics perceive and interact with organizations

Students choose electives that focus on crisis communication, public affairs, and web-based communication strategies, among many others.

Concentration 2: Political Communication

The emphasis in political communication is on campaign leadership in strategic messaging through internal and external strategic communication, with a special emphasis on polling, focus group and survey research in formulating and delivering political narratives utilizing traditional and emerging social media. The courses explore the importance of campaign strategies and tactics as these pertain to specific publics.

Students will:

  • Lead communication campaigns, both electoral and advocacy based on a local, national and global contexts.
  • Analyze relationships between publics and communication strategies for traditional communication channels and social media
  • Engage in communication planning to drive change for public diplomacy, public advocacy, political communication, human rights, health campaigns, and environmental activism.

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