Arts & Communication Pre-College Studio Programs

July 5–August 9, 2015

If you’re a high school student with a passion for acting, creative writing, filmmaking, musical theatre, or stage design, and you're looking for a summer academic program where you can pursue your creative interests and develop your talents, then the five-week Emerson College Arts and Communication Pre-College Studio Programs are just right for you.

In the Pre-College Studio Programs, you’ll focus on acquiring skills in one of five academic areas and learn by doing. An accomplished team of instructors will help you prepare audition material or portfolio pieces for college applications. You’ll meet other students who share your passion for arts and communication, develop networking skills, and gain an understanding of college life–in just five weeks.

We’re glad you’re considering Emerson College’s Pre-College Studio Programs and we look forward to helping you explore your creative passions. Read about the Pre-College Studio Programs:

Note: August 9, 2015 is move-out day for pre-college studio students who live on campus. Our Pre-College Programs are available at Emerson's Boston campus only.


If you have questions please contact the Department of Professional Studies and Special Programs at 617-824-8280, or