International Study & External Programs

Non-Affiliated Study Abroad Options

Emerson College students may elect to study abroad with non-affiliated international study abroad programs.

As of May 4, 2012, students are no longer required to obtain a Leave of Absence Form from the Dean of Student’s Office.

Emerson College does not have an "approved list" of study abroad programs or program providers. The program you select must be owned and operated by a regionally accredited U.S. educational institution or have an affiliation with an accredited U.S. institution. This is why it is required to meet with David Griffin, the Study Abroad Advisor, to discuss your plans.

All study abroad transfer credit must be pre-approved by the Registrar’s Office. Approval of coursework for transfer, particularly within the major, is not automatic, even if it is an accredited program. Transfer credit is handled online through eCommon.

Emerson College does not allow the transfer of Emerson grants, scholarships or financial aid to non-affiliated study abroad programs. Generally, federal and state aid, and outside scholarships may be transferred. Students who wish to apply for aid must fill out the Consortium/Contractual Agreement for Financial Aid (PDF).

Emerson students are NOT allowed to spend the final semester of their degree program at a study-abroad program.

Follow these procedures if you are interested in studying abroad through non-affiliated international programs:

  1. CALL the ISEP Office at 617-824-8567 to request an appointment to discuss study abroad options and programs with David Griffin, the Study Abroad Advisor.
  2. If you have questions about study abroad that does NOT involve making an appointment, please email
  3. Complete the Study Abroad Interest Form before your scheduled appointment with David Griffin. Please note you must fill out all* areas on the form. Once you submit the form online you will receive confirmation.
  4. Select a study abroad program/institution that carries U.S. Regional Accreditation or has a "School of Record" that carries U.S. Regional Accreditation (the Study Abroad Advisor will guide you in this regard).
  5. Submit all potential courses for pre-approval via eCommon.
  6. Complete the Registration Contract for Non-Emerson Study Abroad, which requires you to obtain certain required signatures such as "Host Institution Official". Please follow these steps:
    1. Submit the Registration Contract for Non-Emerson Study Abroad to the host institution (the one offering the study abroad program) for required signatures.
    2. After obtaining the Host School’s Official Signatures, you must now obtain David Griffin’s signature (Little Building, Room 121 from 9:00 am–5:00 pm Monday through Friday).
    3. After you have both signatures, submit this signed Registration Contract to the Registrar’s Office either in person, by fax or by email.
      In person - You can drop it off at the Student Service Center, Little Building, Room 124
      Email - Scan the Contract into a PDF and email it to
      Fax - Fax the Contract to 617-824-8654
  7. If you are seeking financial aid, complete the Consortium/Contractual Agreement for Financial Aid, which requires you to obtain detailed information and an official signature from the Host Institution (the one offering the study abroad program). Please follow these steps:
    1. Submit the Financial Aid Consortium Agreement to the host institution for required signatures.
    2. The host institution will send the signed agreement to Emerson’s Financial Aid office.
    3. It is your responsibility to ensure that this agreement has been sent to the Financial Aid Office. Please note that institutional aid is not portable to a non-Emerson program.
  8. If your enrollment plans change, please send an email from your ECmail account to

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