Department of Performing Arts

Theatre Studies (BA)

Gregory Turner learns what happens backstage

Theatre Studies major Gregory Turner explains the state-of-the-art facilities that shape his learning, from the five mainstage theaters to the black box to the design labs. (Filmed and edited by Emerson College students.)

You will structure your course of study in the Theatre Studies BA program around an educational plan that must include work beyond the Performing Arts core curriculum. You must identify a primary area of training from among:

  • Acting
  • Production and Stage Management
  • Design/Technology
  • Playwriting
  • Dramaturgy
  • Directing

You may choose actor training work only if you have successfully auditioned to do so, but may freely select further coursework in other areas of theater, in related fields of communication and the arts, and in the liberal arts and sciences.

Electives may be taken in Performing Arts beyond the total PA credits noted below. BA Theatre Studies majors with an emphasis in Acting may take only one Advanced Acting class (TH 421) in each semester of their junior and senior years. They may also take the intensive 16-credit course of study at the Los Angeles Center in their senior year.

Program Requirements

PA 101 Languages of the Stage
TH 149 Emerson Stage Production Crew
TH 215 World Drama in Its Context I
TH 216 World Drama in Its Context II

Choose two of the following:

TH 141 Stagecraft: Special Topics
TH 142 Stagecraft: Electrics
TH 143 Stagecraft: Properties Construction
TH 144 Stagecraft: Costume Construction
TH 145 Stagecraft: Scenic Construction
TH 146 Stagecraft: Scene Painting
TH 147 Stagecraft: Costume Crafts
TH 148 Stagecraft: Masks

Also choose one of the following:

TH 121 Introduction to Acting I
TH 123 Acting I: Movement
Advanced Drama (4 credits)
Concentration (20 credits)

Total credits: 44

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