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Theatre Education (BA)

Kameron Tarlow, Theatre Education

Theatre Education major Kameron Tarlow says that the arts help people appreciate others (Filmed and edited by Emerson students.)

The Theatre Education BA degree curriculum will enable you to develop interests and expertise in a wide range of theater areas. The program involves the use of theater in a variety of educational settings, in addition to formal K–12 teaching.

Students often participate in two full years of acting work at Emerson and some, with the permission of the Acting faculty, complete two additional semesters of work.

Program Requirements

PA 101 Languages of the Stage
TH 149 Emerson Stage Production Crew
TH 215 World Drama in Its Context I
TH 216 World Drama in Its Context II
TH 381 Directing I: Fundamentals of Directing
TH 460 Drama as Education I
TH 461 Drama as Education II
Advanced Drama Studies (4 credits)
PA Elective (4 credits chosen with advisor)

Choose two of the following:

TH 141 Stagecraft: Special Topics
TH 142 Stagecraft: Electrics
TH 143 Stagecraft: Properties Construction
TH 144 Stagecraft: Costume Construction
TH 145 Stagecraft: Scenic Construction
TH 146 Stagecraft: Scene Painting
TH 147 Stagecraft: Costume Crafts
TH 148 Stagecraft: Masks

Also choose one set of the following:

TH 121 Introduction to Acting I
TH 122 Introduction to Acting II


TH 123 Acting I: Movement
TH 124 Acting II: Voice and Text

Total Credits: 44

Students seeking licensure must also complete the Educator Licensure requirements (an additional 12–20 credits).

Bethany Nelson

Performing Arts' Theatre Educator-in-Residence Bethany Nelson supervises the field work of Theatre Education students. Watch now »