Department of Performing Arts

Theatre Design/Technology (BFA)

I Am Emerson with Mitchell Girgasky

Lighting Design student Mitchell Girgasky discusses his view on creativity and collaboration. 

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With your advisor, you will develop an individualized program of study in Theatre Design/Technology based on courses in set design, costume design, lighting design, and technical design, as well as offerings in other departments.

You will participate in design and production work during an Emerson Stage production season and develop a portfolio coinciding with annual reviews, culminating in a senior-year jury with theater professionals.

Lighting design

Students learn how to design lighting in the light lab.

Program Requirements

PA 101 Languages of the Stage
TH 145 Stagecraft: Scenic Construction
TH 144 Stagecraft: Costume Construction
TH 149 Emerson Stage Production Crew
TH 215 World Drama in Its Context I
TH 216 World Drama in Its Context II
TH 121 Introduction to Acting I (or approved course in dance)
TH 143 Stagecraft: Properties Construction
TH 142 Stagecraft: Electrics
TH 140 Rendering
TH 240 Drafting
TH 249 Emerson Stage Production Team

Design/Technology Theory & Practice (12 credits)

TH 150 History of Fashion and Décor: Design Research
And 8 credits from the following:
TH 243 Sound Design
TH 244 Costume Construction
TH 247 Make-Up: Theatre
TH 346 Scene Painting
TH 347 Make-Up II: Film and Television
TH 350 Model Building
TH 440 Technical Theatre Laboratory
TH 540 Puppetry
TH 340 AutoCAD
TH 470 Design in Practice Topics
TH 479 Topic: Design Entrepreneur

Design Technology Concentration (12 credits)

Three courses from the following:

TH 242 Lighting Design I
TH 342 Lighting Design II
TH 245 Scene Design I
TH 345 Scene Design II
TH 248 Costume Design I
TH 348 Costume Design II
TH 340 AutoCAD
TH 441 Topics in Technical Design
TH 477 Practicum: Stage Management
Advanced Drama Studies (4 credits)
Production Assignments (8 credits)
Annual Portfolio Review (0 credits)

Total Credits: 68

Costume design

Students learn costume design in this program.