Department of Performing Arts

Stage & Production Management (BFA)

Megan Harris benefits from early hands-on experience

Stage and Production Management major Megan Harris talks about how well-connected the alumni network is in stage management — and how willing to help alumni are. (Filmed and edited by Emerson College students.)

The Stage and Production Management curriculum will thoroughly prepare you for a career as a stage or production manager through the development of skills essential for professional success.

Beginning in your freshman year, coursework is realized through practical application in varied stage management and production supervision positions during the Emerson Stage season and through professional internships at Boston’s leading theaters. Course topics will include design/technology, directing, arts management, and related areas.

Program Requirements

PA 101 Languages of the Stage
TH 149 Emerson Stage Production Crew
TH 215 World Drama in Its Context I
TH 216 World Drama in Its Context II
TH 121 Introduction to Acting I
TH 143 Stagecraft: Properties Construction
TH 142 Stagecraft: Electrics
TH 144 Stagecraft: Costume Construction
TH 145 Stagecraft: Scenic Construction
TH 249 Emerson Stage Production Team
TH 275 Introduction to Arts Management
TH 277 SM 1: Introduction to Stage Management
TH 377 SM 2: Intermediate Stage Management
TH 477 SM 3: Advanced Stage Management
TH 250 Design Essentials
TH 376 Production Management
TH 381 Directing I: Fundamentals of Directing
Advanced Drama (4 credits)
Directed Study, Production Projects, Internship (8 credits)
Related Electives (chosen with advisor) (4 credits)
Total Credits: 68

Taking Opportunities

Performing Arts alumnus Scott Sinclair ’10 knows long hours. While at Emerson, he interned at the SpeakEasy Stage Company. The internship turned into a job. Now, Sinclair is directing his first major performance, Striking 12–a concert with three performers based on the holiday classic The Little Match Girl.

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