Department of Performing Arts

Acting (BFA)

Landry Allbright uses acting to communicate

BFA Acting student Landry Alllbright talks about how Emerson College is a safe place to make mistakes. (Filmed and edited by Emerson College students.)

As an Acting major, you will move through a four-year sequence of progressively intensive training. During your third and fourth years, 75 percent of your work will be in the program itself. Retention in the program must be earned by commitment, personal growth, and a faculty evaluation through a re-evaluation process four times during freshman and sophomore years.

Because an intensive residency is essential to the success of the Studio, BFA students are not eligible to participate in the Los Angeles Program during the academic year. However, BFA students may use elective credits to participate in the L.A. summer program.

Please read the BA/BFA ACTING PROGRAMS HANDBOOK for more details about the program.

Program Requirements

PA 101 Languages of the Stage
TH 149 Emerson Stage Production Crew
TH 215 World Drama in Its Context I
TH 216 World Drama in Its Context II
TH 123 Acting I: Movement
TH 124 Acting II: Voice and Text
TH 130 Improvisation
TH 131 Improvisation II
TH 221 Acting III: Basic Scene Study
TH 222 Acting IV: Ensemble Acting and Performance
TH 325 BFA Acting Studio I
TH 326 BFA Acting Studio II
TH 425 BFA Acting Studio III
TH 426 BFA Acting Studio IV
Advanced Drama (4 credits)

Choose two of the following:

TH 141 Stagecraft: Special Topics
TH 142 Stagecraft: Electrics
TH 143 Stagecraft: Properties Construction
TH 144 Stagecraft: Costume Construction
TH 145 Stagecraft: Scenic Construction
TH 146 Stagecraft: Scene Painting
TH 147 Stagecraft: Costume Crafts
TH 148 Stagecraft: Masks
Total Credits: 72

Oh, What A Life

Technique. Movement. Breathing. They’re skills Emerson alum Joe Bwarie ’99 learned from his classes at Emerson – skills that gave him a “competitive edge” in auditions after graduation. He plays the lead role in the touring production Jersey Boys.

Listen to Bwarie discuss his experience »

Constitution Day

Acting Civically

Each year on September 17, Performing Arts students at Emerson pay tribute to Constitution Day by performing a reading from the U.S. Constitution.

Listen to an excerpt here »