Department of Performing Arts

Undergraduate Programs

In Emerson’s Department of Performing Arts, your undergraduate education will help you develop the tools you need as a working practitioner of your craft. Located in Boston’s theatre district, your Emerson education encompasses rigorous studio work, scholastic engagement, hands-on experiences, and real-world opportunities in Boston’s thriving theatre scene. Our department offers nine different BFA degrees, each focused on a specific aspect of a career in performing arts.

All Performing Arts programs include a core liberal arts curriculum designed to give you a common language with which to discuss your work in years to come. A thorough grounding in liberal arts makes you a stronger, more versatile artist, with a deep understanding of the role that arts play in society – and your role as both an arts-maker and a citizen of the world.

I Am Emerson w/ Cristina Scherban

Performing Arts student Cristina Scherban discusses her views on culture, creativity and her love of dance. 

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Bethany Nelson

Performing Arts' Theatre Educator-in-Residence Bethany Nelson supervises the field work of Theatre Education students. Watch now »