Department of Performing Arts

Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Performing Arts offers eight undergraduate programs in two tracks:

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) track comprises our Acting, Musical Theatre, Stage and Production Management, and Theatre Design/Technology programs. As a BFA student, you will undergo four years of intense professional training in your chosen concentration. Production and studio work will form the basis of your studies, giving you the opportunity to hone your skills through both collaborative and individual projects. Courses in history, literature, and theatre design will help you establish a liberal arts context for understanding your craft and the vital role that theatre plays in culture and society.

I Am Emerson w/ Cristina Scherban

Performing Arts student Cristina Scherban discusses her views on culture, creativity and her love of dance. 

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The Bachelor of Arts (BA) track includes our Theatre Studies and Theatre Education programs, both offered with and without an acting component. Although production and studio work remain central to the curriculum, BA students have greater flexibility to tailor their programs by taking courses in other academic departments and to participate in activities such as internships and study abroad. Students who pursue a BA in Theatre Education also have the opportunity to earn initial licensure in Massachusetts as teachers of theatre for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

Small Steps

Small Steps, an Emerson Stage production

Bethany Nelson

Performing Arts' Theatre Educator-in-Residence Bethany Nelson supervises the field work of Theatre Education students. Watch now »