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Emerson College Class of 2014 President Jon Allen Launches All Natural and Organic Shirley Temple soft drink in Boston

Jon Allen Temple Twist

Pictured: Jon Allen, founder of Temple Twist and Comedian Jay Leno at Emerson Graduation 2014

BOSTON, MA (MAY 2014) – Emerson College senior and class president Jon Allen loves Shirley Temples; so much so that he created his own all natural, organic version in his yearlong entrepreneurial studies class at the college. The E3 program – which stands for Emerson Entrepreneurial Experience – creates thriving businesses with such success stories as Roxy’s Grilled Cheese and Evvy Teas to name a few. As last year’s winner of the E3 Expo, Jon Allen received $10,000 in cash and professional services to start Temple Twist

To celebrate the arrival of summer and mark the much anticipated launch of this season’s most refreshing drink, Temple Twist is releasing a limited amount of Original Temple Twist Bottles that can each generously satisfy three. 1,000 units of the special edition bottles are being produced for the Boston launch and will be sold at Lambert’s Marketplace on the Boston Common starting May 31st, 2014. With only 80 calories per serving the flavor brings the fun with more to share just in time for Boston’s most social season. 12oz bottles will be sold later this summer at independent grocers and boutique restaurants throughout Boston. 

“The purpose behind Temple Twist is that I and my team wanted to create a beverage with exceptional taste, healthy strides, environmental awareness, but most importantly that was fun,” explains Jon Allen, “Temple Twist uses all-natural and organic ingredients bottled in recyclable glass that quenches your soda craving without the unnecessary additives. We’ve combined an original taste with an organic twist, which is satisfying and refreshing.” Temple Twist is made with pure, simple ingredients: Carbonated Water, Organic Sugar, Organic Cherry Juice Concentrate, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, and Organic Stevia Extract. 

Named after the late 1930’s child star, The Shirley Temple has remained a thirst-quenching crowd favorite to this day. There is an emerging market for all natural beverages that has been quickly growing in popularity, and Shirley Temples remain a staple in the mainstream sector. The classic cherry soda has been enjoyed at restaurants, bars, and events, but a dominant brand of a bottled Shirley Temple has yet to be created. The answer to this market need is Temple Twist--an all-natural cherry soda that bottles up the original taste of the iconic Shirley Temple drink with a fresh, organic twist. 

About the Bottler

Flavorman is the product developer responsible for creating this refreshed classic. For 20 years, Flavorman has been leading the industry as a single source partner in beverage product development—generating products for every category in the beverage industry. In the past, they’ve worked to create original flavors for Jones Soda, Nutrisoda, and Chiquita. Temple Twist is the only all-natural and organic Shirley Temple. It combines the original taste of a timeless crowd-pleaser with a fresh organic twist. Temple Twist bottles a classic taste in a 12oz glass bottle to create the iconic look of generations past, with the environmentally conscious mindset of today. Temple Twist, LLC is the only company to bottle and produce a Shirley Temple made with all natural and organic ingredients. Temple Twist is manufactured in Martinsburg, West Virginia by SVB (Shenandoah Valley Brand) who co-pack millions of bottles annually for quality dressings, sauces, and premium carbonated beverages. Temple Twist is sustainably bottled for the enjoyment of health conscious consumers in glass bottles for a classic look and timeless feel. Temple Twist, LLC will manufacture the first product exclusively dedicated to Shirley Temple lovers who seek natural and quality ingredients.

For more information visit: or on Twitter: @TempleTwist