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Entrepreneurial Studies (E3) Program

Students examine the many aspects of entrepreneurship in the E3 program—the role of the entrepreneur in our society, recognizing and assessing opportunities, crafting business plans, making business presentations, implementing efficient operations, and engaging business partners and resources for their ventures.

Students enter E3 with an idea, and emerge eight months later as CEOs of their own companies.

The Emerson Experience in Entrepreneurship, known as E3, is a yearlong immersive program in the study of entrepreneurship with students learning how to build and launch a new business venture. Completion of two consecutive semesters of program coursework leads to a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies.
The Entrepreneurship program features a combination of applied and academic learning experiences that provides students with the foundational understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur, and creates a journey that takes students from the classroom into the world of entrepreneurship. Students examine the many aspects of entrepreneurship and the role of the entrepreneur in a for-profit venture, a social entrepreneur in a non-profit organization or an intrapreneur, bringing innovation to a large corporate environment. Students in the Entrepreneurship program learn critical thinking and problem solving, and understand how to recognize and assess opportunities, craft business plans, develop business presentations, implement efficient operations and engage business partners and resources for their ventures. 
The year’s finale is the E3 Exposition every Spring. E3 Expo is the annual event that culminates the Entrepreneurial program celebrating creativity in business at Emerson College. The E3 Expo acts as a perfect platform for the program students to showcase their ventures and gain recognition as well as prize money and donated services to help launch their business.
Students in the Entrepreneurial studies minor register for 8 credits (two courses) each semester (Fall and Spring consecutively). These courses include a series of modules, each addressing a specific aspect of entrepreneurship, covering topics such as communication, law, finance, leadership, management, marketing and sales across both semesters.
The Director of Business and Entrepreneurship Studies is the primary course instructor for the Entrepreneurship program . Students also learn from experienced professionals from a variety of industry sectors with entrepreneurial experience and guest lecturers who bring a broad array of viewpoints to the entrepreneurship program.
The 16-credit program is open to all juniors and seniors across all the College Departments, with one prerequisite course, MB200 Principles of Business. Enrollment in the highly competitive program is limited and requires the permission of the instructor.

MB 472 Entrepreneurship I

Topics include:

  1. Introduction to entrepreneurship
  2. Ethics and the entrepreneur
  3. Business strategy and planning
  4. Critical thinking and creative problem solving
  5. The processes of innovation
  6. Marketing and creating a brand
  7. Selling and sales management
  8. Money and the entrepreneur
  9. Operations, process, and project management
  10. Leadership
MB 473 Entrepreneurship II

Topics include:

  1. Strategic planning
  2. Law and the entrepreneur
  3. The design of corporate collateral
  4. Human capital management
  5. Fine-tuning business plans and operations
  6. Effective presentations and presentation skills
  7. Diversity and entrepreneurship
  8. Business etiquette
  9. Lessons learned along the way
  10. Preparation for the E3 Exposition

The minor in Entrepreneurial Studies is open to any student in any department at Emerson College.

E3 Exposition

Lu Ann Reeb, Director of Business and Entrepreneurship Studies

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