Department of Marketing Communication

Liberal Arts Core & Degree Requirements

Emerson knows you have a variety of interests—interests that can cut across traditional department lines and disciplines. The liberal arts courses you will take as a general education foundation will provide you with broad exposure to the fields of politics, history, philosophy, science, literature, and the arts.

General Education Requirements

Liberal arts courses are taught in every academic department on campus. Emerson’s General Education curriculum includes coursework from three areas:

  • Foundations: includes oral and written communication, and quantitative reasoning
  • Perspectives: students must complete one course from each of the following perspectives: Aesthetic, Ethics and Values, Historical, Interdisciplinary, Literary, Scientific, and Social and Psychological
  • U.S. and Global Diversity: includes two diversity courses and two courses of a single foreign language

First-Year Seminars

No matter which academic program you pursue at Emerson, you will find the First-Year Institute Seminars to be a rich and exciting introduction to academic life. Class sizes are small, and the curriculum emphasizes topics, assignments, and instructional approaches that address the academic demands of your first year.

A Sample of Past Seminar Topics:

  • Behind the Headlines: The Culture of International News
  • Jewish Origins of Punk Rock
  • Comic Books in American Culture
  • Literature of Extreme Situations
  • Life and Death: Science and Psychology of Survival

Requirements for the major:

  • All 100-level and 200-level courses, and the 400‐level Capstone courses (six total)
  • From the 300 and 400 level: one from each of the three columns, 300‐level (three total); three additional courses, 300‐level or 400‐level (3 total)


  • For 200-level courses, both 100-level courses
  • For 300-level courses, all 200-level courses
  • For 400-level courses, three-300 level courses plus senior standing

Additional notes:

  • To register for any Methods and Insights courses, at least one of which is required for the major, students must first successfully complete MT 207 Statistics. This course may also satisfy the General Education Reasoning requirement.
  • Majors must demonstrate writing proficiency before enrollment in any 300-level courses or their junior year, whichever comes first. Proficiency will be demonstrated by passing a departmental writing exam offered to second-semester freshmen, first‐semester sophomores, and transfer students. Special coaching arrangements are available through the Lacerte Family WARC to support students in demonstrating proficiency.
  • Students can build concentrations based on their interests and goals.