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Students and faculty give you a sneak peek at what you'll learn in the Marketing Communications program at Emerson College — from the internship opportunities all over Boston to real-life experience in the classroom. Emerson keeps students current with today's industry trends.

How does a person’s cultural background influence his/her consumer behavior? Why does someone choose one brand of flavored water over another? What are the underlying elements of a successful product launch?

These are the kinds of questions you’ll be exploring—and answering—as a student in Emerson’s Department of Marketing Communication. Recently named #5 on the list of top 10 U.S. colleges to get a marketing degree, Emerson will have you working alongside faculty members who are also seasoned marketers.  You’ll quickly learn how to apply sophisticated marketing principles in a variety of real-world contexts—from the arts, sports, and entertainment industries to consumer product companies and nonprofits.

Randy Harrison

Randy Harrison teaches the course Marketing & Marketing Communication.

While the knowledge and skills you’ll gain in the classroom are pivotal, some of the most valuable experiences and worthwhile collaborations you’ll have at Emerson will happen outside of class. Many successful alumni built their portfolios through EmComm, Emerson’s student-run marketing communication agency. In addition to producing work for campus and external organizations, EmComm teams have consistently finished within the top tier of award recipients at the annual American Advertising Federation competition.

Other alumni who are now successful business owners got their start in E3, a yearlong immersion program for students who minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. After developing a comprehensive business plan, you’ll compete for start-up funds at the annual E3 Exposition—and the chance to get your business off the ground.

Whether your interests are in strategic marketing, marketing communications, or entrepreneurship, Emerson’s Department of Marketing Communication offers you a curriculum uniquely designed to prepare you as a future marketing leader.

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