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Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Minor

The minor offers students the opportunity to think critically about the meaning and expression of gender and sexuality in everyday life, culture, and institutions. Students will develop an historical awareness of the role of feminism as well as LGBTQ movements in both local and global contexts. This history and the more contemporary lived practices of sex, gender, and sexual orientation will be contextualized in relation to other categories of difference. After completing the minor, students will be more versed in imagining effective ways to combat inequity and discrimination, and foster transformations of identities and social roles. 

For the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies minor, at least 16 credit hours in designated courses are required.

Required Courses

IN 200 Introduction to Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies

For the remaining 12 credits, students may choose from the following classes (for additional classes always check the semester registration listings):

IN 125 Topics in Gender Studies
IN 138 Staging American Women: The Culture of the Burlesque
IN 154 Power and Privilege
IN 230 The Evolution of Queer Identity: History, Literature, Theory
IN 318 Women, Media, and Globalization
IN 319 Feminist Cultural Theory
IN 406 Queer Dreams: Politics, Culture, and Difference
LI 210 American Women Writers
LI 396 International Women Writers
LI 436 Cultural Criticism
PS 306 Psychology of Prejudice
SO 206 Gender in a Global Perspective
VM 402 Queer Film and Video


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