Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies

Global & Post-Colonial Studies Minor

The minor aims to provide students with an understanding of our increasingly complex, globalized world. Through the lens of literature, the arts, history, politics, and culture, students will be introduced to key concepts in global and postcolonial studies. Through an awareness of marginal knowledge systems and neglected histories, students will critically engage the global in their lives.

Required Courses

IN 203 Post-Colonial Cultures*

For the remaining 12 credits, students may choose from the following classes (for additional classes always check the semester registration listings):

IN 134 Local Action / Global Change
IN 153 The Africana Diaspora: Through Lens and World
IN 210 Topics in Global Studies
IN 226 Nationalism, Multiculturalism, and Identity
IN 235 The Arab Uprisings: A Social History
IN 318 Women, Media, and Globalization
IN 320 Topics in Key Contemporary Thinkers - Fanon
IN 321 Asian Pacific Rim Film and Literature
IN 322 Global Identity / Local Consumption
IN 323 Global Cities
IN 324 Documenting Visual Culture
IN 325 Space, Race and Power
IN 405 Moving Out, Moving In
LI 211 Topics in Global Literature
LI 381 Global Literatures
LI 396 International Women Writers
LI 423 Topics in Global Literature
LI 436 Cultural Criticism
HI 201 Non-Western World History
HI 204 Islam and the World
SO 206 Gender in a Global Perspective
VM 214 East Asian Art
VM 215 South Asian Art
VM 216 African and African Diaspora Arts
VM 217 Arts of the Americas and the Pacific
VM 410 Seminar in Non-Western Art
VM 418 Transnational Asian Cinema
VM 406 Post-Colonial Film


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