Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty

Eileen McBride

Senior Scholar-in-Residence (2005)

M.S. Queen's University, Belfast
Ph.D. City University, London

Eileen McBride

Eileen McBride is a clinical psychologist and teacher. She began her career as a therapist working in the Northern Ireland Health Service. Since then she has managed adult psychiatry services in both in-patient and community settings and developed a private practice in London's financial district, specializing in stress and anxiety management.

McBride's research has focused on gender and mental health, particularly in the experience of managing the work-life balance. She has taught psychology at the undergraduate and graduate level for more than 15 years. The development of effective and innovative strategies in the teaching of psychology is a current focus for her. Recently, McBride also has been working with social media formats in the exploration of psychological models of pathology.


Office: Ubank 906

Phone: 8809


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