Program Requirements

Students are expected to enter the program with a firm grasp of written and spoken English.

The MA degree in Journalism requires the completion of 44 credit hours, including a 4-credit culminating course or 4 credit hours for the master’s project or master’s thesis.

Core Requirements*

JR 602 Critical Perspectives
JR 607 Reporting and Writing
JR 609 Visual Storytelling and Reporting
JR 612 Advanced Reporting
JR 637 Editing and Web Producing

*Students with an undergraduate degree in Journalism may be eligible to waive JR 607/Reporting and Writing if the degree was earned within the last five years with a GPA of 3.0 in the major or better. Students who believe they are eligible for this waiver should discuss it with the graduate program director.

Prescribed Electives (12 credits)

Students select one from each of the following areas:


JR 620 Online Multimedia
JR 623 Data Visualization


JR 626 Global Journalism
JR 628 Law and Public Policy for Journalists
JR 629 Media Theory and Research (required for those doing a thesis)


JR 632 Long-Form Storytelling
JR 635 Long-Form Documentary and Multimedia

Free Electives

Students select two additional courses from the Journalism offerings* including JR 690 Internship 8 credits.

JR 690 Internship

*See pages 72-78 in the Graduate Catalogue for more details.

Capstone or Thesis

JR 688 Capstone
JR 699 Master's Thesis

Prerequisite for JR 699/Master's Thesis is JR629/Media Theory & Research, with a grade of B+ or higher.