Communication Studies

Communication Studies

In your courses in the Communication Studies program, you’ll explore how theory and skill drive effective communication and how they influence all types of people in all walks of life.

Communication remains central to all human activity. Whether in the courtroom or the boardroom, on Facebook or on the subway, or with your family or friends, communication skills are instrumental to all parts of your life. Discovering the right words—and the best delivery—can build awareness around contemporary social issues, resolve interpersonal conflicts, enhance your leadership skills, and increase your understanding of the complexity of the world. In sum, communication is the foundation of what it means to be a citizen in an ever-changing global environment.

In the Department of Communication Studies, you’ll engage in a thoughtful exploration of how theory and skill drive effective communication and how they influence all types of people in all walks of life. From day one, you’ll be immersed in Emerson’s “culture of doing” through coursework, team projects, internships, and co-curricular activities such as Model U.N., Emerson’s Forensics team, and the Communication, Politics, and Law Association.

Our faculty members are engaged teacher-scholars who bring a wealth of professional experiences to the classroom and emphasize real-world applications in all of their classes. Professors serve as guides, collaborators, and mentors as you find and express your voice. Do you want to hit the campaign trail? Advocate for the underserved? Serve as a nonprofit liaison? Whatever your career goals, the principles and practices you develop in the Department of Communication Studies will become the cornerstone of all professional success. After completing the program, you’ll join the ranks of esteemed alumni who have gone on to become (inter) national leaders in public policy, cultural advocacy, politics, law, consumer rights, human resources, project management, biotech, among many others.

Across the country, Communication Studies ranks in the top ten of academic majors across college campuses. Why not join the Department at the premier institution dedicated to communication?

Communication Studies

Communication Studies at Emerson College

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