Program Requirements

  • 40 credits, including 16 credits of the Emerson-Tufts core
  • 8 credits of required courses focusing on research and the Applied Learning Experience capstone course
  • 16 credits of electives (A maximum of 8 credits of elective courses may be taken at Tufts)

Emerson College-Tufts University School of Medicine Core

HC 601 Applications of Communication Theory to Health Communication
HC 602 Media Strategies for the Health Professional
HC TU1 Introduction to Medicine (4 credits)
HC TU2 Epidemiology and Biostatistics (4 credits)
(HCTU courses are offered through Tufts University School of Medicine. Students will register for them through Emerson College.)

Research & Capstone Requirement

HC 603 Introduction to Research Methods in Health Communication
HC 610 Applied Learning Experience for Health Communication

The Applied Learning Experience (HC 610) is the capstone course of the program, providing students with an opportunity to practice and display the knowledge and skills acquired throughout their studies in the completion of a real-world health communication project.


Students may choose elective courses in order to specialize in areas that fit their career goals. The content areas and course options listed below are not exhaustive. A student should consult with the graduate program director to choose electives that are consistent with the student's career goals.

Social Marketing
MK 617 Consumer Behavior
MK 627 Interactive and e-Communication
MK 630 Advertising, Sales Promotion, and Publicity Management
HC 604 Social Marketing
HC 690 Internship in Health Communication
Healthcare Organizations
CC 601 Organizational Communication: Theory and Application
CC 604 Strategic Planning and the Managerial Process
CC 606 Strategic Communication and Leadership Development
CC 626 Crisis Communication
CC 628 Entrepreneurship and Creative Problem Solving
CC 634 Leadership and Social Corporate Responsibility
MK 620 Public Relations Management
HC 690 Internship in Health Communication
Health Writing
JR 602 Introduction to Print and Multimedia Journalism
JR 603 Introduction to Broadcast Journalism
JR 611 Television News Producing
JR 613 Electronic News Gathering/Reporting
JR 694 Journalism Topics
MK 621 Writing for Marketing Communication
HC 690 Internship in Health Communication

Tufts University Electives

The following Health Communication courses are offered through Tufts University. This is an abridged list. Not all courses are offered each year, and for some courses there is limited enrollment. A maximum of 8 elective credits may be taken at Tufts.

HCTU Provider-Patient Interaction (4 credits)
HCTU Risk Communication in Public Health Practice (2 credits)
HCTU Ethical Issues in Public Health (2 credits)
HCTU Changing Health Behaviors: Healthy People and Communities (4 credits)
HCTU Public Health and Health Care: Politics, Policies, and Programs (4 credits)
HCTU Technology and Health Communication (2 credits)



Timothy Edgar, Graduate Program Director for Health Communication

Meet the Graduate Program Director

Timothy Edgar, Graduate Program Director for Health Communication and Associate Professor, has devoted his professional career to conducting health communication research on topics like HIV/AIDS, physical activity for adolescents, childhood and adult immunization, diabetes, and more. Learn more »