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Health Communication

Nancy Allen teaches her Media Strategies for the Health Professional course.

Emerson’s MA program in Health Communication, offered in collaboration with Tufts University School of Medicine where students can pursue an MS in the same subject, is a unique program emphasizing application firmly grounded in theory and research. It will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, deliver, and evaluate health information and disease prevention campaigns; advocate for health policy initiatives; manage healthcare delivery systems; and inform, influence, and motivate a diverse community of private and public audiences about health and medical concerns.

Two Decades of Excellence

The Health Communication program was the first of its kind in the country when it began in 1994, and it has flourished for over two decades. In celebration of the many achievements of our more than 250 alumni, we held a 20th anniversary celebration that more than a third of all of our graduates from the last 20 years attended. The two-day event provided an opportunity for individuals to celebrate the success they have achieved in the field of health communication after receiving a strong foundation in their graduate program. 

Our alumni represent the best evidence for the ongoing quality of the program. We had many of our alumni (as well as current students)  write to us after the event to talk about their pride in the program and how the celebration inspired them. Below is a selection of quotes from those congratulatory messages:

“After attending the workshops, the luncheon and listening to everyone speak, I found myself beyond inspired and unbelievably proud to be a part of the Health Communication program.”

“…[T]he best part of the day was getting a much needed reminder on why I was drawn to health communication in the first place! I definitely left with a renewed excitement for the field.”

“I felt and still feel great pride in the association I have with this special program as well as with the wonderful people who are carrying on the mantle and tenets of the program.”

 “All of the workshops and speeches were incredibly meaningful and compelling. It’s great to know that I’m part of this wonderful program.”

For more information about earning a master's degree in Health Communication, please contact Graduate Program Director, Dr. Timothy Edgar.

More Than an MPH

Unlike graduate programs in public health, Emerson’s Health Communication program affords you the opportunity to focus on communication issues in a variety of health-related contexts, not just public health or policy. You will concentrate on the creation, implementation, and evaluation of health messages in a program that is more focused than an MPH and more specialized than a general degree in communication.

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The Medical Epicenter

The fields of medicine and healthcare make up Boston's second largest industry. Emerson is only blocks away from world-renowed medical centers, research instititutions, and biotechnology companies. These extensive connections in the Emerson and Tufts network of Boston's health sciences allow you many opportunities to gain real-world and practical hands-on experience.

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Experienced Faculty

Emerson faculty are specialists in public and health communication areas such as social marketing, media campaigns, and the use of new technologies. They have researched health issues such as nutrition, immunization, obesity, HIV/AIDS, and diabetes. The Tufts faculty are epidemiologists, physicians, and social scientists who also continue their work in the field of clinical and community health.

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Timothy Edgar, Graduate Program Director for Health Communication

Meet the Graduate Program Director

Timothy Edgar, Graduate Program Director for Health Communication and Associate Professor, has devoted his professional career to conducting health communication research on topics like HIV/AIDS, physical activity for adolescents, childhood and adult immunization, diabetes, and more. Learn more »