Academic Affairs

Syllabi Guidelines

All Emerson College course syllabi should contain the following items:

Identifying Information

Include course and faculty member identification and location information: course name and code number; number of credits; day(s), time(s) and location of when and where the course meets; faculty member’s name, office location, office hours, office telephone number, and email address.

Course Description

This brief description of the disciplinary nature of the course typically corresponds to the catalogue description.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives (also referred to as learning outcomes or learning goals) are statements describing what successful students will know or be able to do upon completion of the course. List which programmatic learning objectives the course addresses. Add learning objectives that are specific to the course. 

Course Calendar

List dates for the following:  examinations, assignments, students’ presentations, guest speakers, topic introductions, etc. If calendar flexibility is desired, indicate that on the syllabus.

Course Requirements

Delineate exactly what work students are expected to complete and what will, and will not, count toward the final grade. In the syllabus, or in separate documents referred to in the syllabus, provide specific instructions for completing required written work, projects, presentations, etc.

Texts and Other Materials

List the required and recommended/supplementary texts and other materials for the course, and where they may be obtained (e.g., the bookstore, library reserve, handouts provided in class, purchase course packs, etc.).

Grading Policy

Explain how final grades are determined. Include the portion of the final grade that is assigned to each requirement, as well as the basis on which these requirements are evaluated (e.g., clarity, argument, adherence to format, etc.).

Disability Statement

Include the following statement to alert students with disabilities about how they may request accommodations:
Emerson College is committed to providing equal access to its academic programs and social activities for all qualified students with disabilities. While upholding this commitment, we require all Emerson students to meet the high standards of achievement that are essential to the College’s programs and services. To advance these dual aims, the College will provide reasonable accommodations to disabled students who request accommodations through the College’s Disability Services Office (DSO), if the DSO determines that accommodations are both medically necessary and reasonable. Please note that a requested accommodation will only be approved as ‘reasonable’ if it does not compromise any essential requirements of a course. Students who wish to request a disability accommodation must submit their request to the DSO, and not to faculty, since only the DSO is authorized to approve or deny any requests for accommodations. College employees and student’s family members cannot request accommodations on a student’s behalf. Rather, students who wish to request accommodations must themselves contact the DSO since Emerson’s philosophy is that its students are independent and self determined and students with disabilities—like non-disabled students—have control over their lives here at Emerson and are ultimately responsible for making their own decisions. Students who know at the start of a semester that they will need accommodations must submit their accommodation requests to the DSO within the first two weeks of the semester. If a student becomes ill or disabled during the course of a semester, or discovers after the start of a semester that he or she  needs a disability accommodation, he or she is encouraged to submit his or her request to the DSO as soon as possible since the process of approving accommodations takes time, and approved accommodations will not be granted retroactively. The Associate Director for Disability Services can be reached at: 617-824-8592,, 5th Floor 216 Tremont Street.

Plagiarism Statement

Include the following statement to alert students to Emerson College’s policy on plagiarism:
It is the responsibility of all Emerson students to know and adhere to the College’s policy on plagiarism, which can be found at: If you have any question concerning the Emerson plagiarism policy or about documentation of sources in work you produce in this course, speak to your instructor.

Diversity Statement (suggested)

The following text is the suggested diversity statement text:
Every student in this class will be honored and respected as an individual with distinct experiences, talents, and backgrounds. Students will be treated fairly regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, disability, socio-economic status, or national identity. Issues of diversity may be a part of class discussion, assigned material, and projects. The instructor will make every effort to ensure that an inclusive environment exists for all students. If you have any concerns or suggestions for improving the classroom climate, please do not hesitate to speak with the course instructor or to contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at 617-824-8528 or by email at

(Updated July 2015)