Sustainability at Emerson

Greening the campus and creating a culture of sustainability has been a priority for Emerson College for the past decade. The President’s Committee on Sustainability coordinates, enhances, and promotes Emerson’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and pursue climate neutrality; promote local and global environmental education and awareness; and institutionalize sustainability into the fabric of the College community.

Emerson is committed to creating a sustainable campus. Located at the nexus of several major public transit lines, our compact campus guarantees that little energy is expended on transit. Walking, biking, and public transportation are the most popular choices for getting to, and moving about, the College.

The following is a selection of Emerson’s green achievements to date:

  • The Colonial Building, a 10-story, 372-bed residence hall, is Gold LEED certified
  • Piano Row, a 14-story, 554-bed residence hall, built in 2003, is LEED certified
  • A new facility in Los Angeles has been built to LEED Gold standards
  • Energy-efficient lighting has been installed throughout much of the campus
  • A large percentage of Emerson’s energy is derived from renewable sources such as wind power
  • Green Seal custodial products are used throughout campus
  • Expression, the College magazine (circ. 33,000), is printed according to Forest Stewardship Council standards
  • Cage-free eggs and composting are in use in the dining halls
  • Bottled water is being phased out on campus
  • Sodexo donates excess perishable food to a local food bank

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency named Emerson the 2010–11 Individual Conference Champion for using more green power than any other school in the Great Northeast Athletic Conference. Emerson beat its conference rivals by purchasing 12 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power, representing almost 100% of the school's annual electricity usage.

The College continually strives to reduce its environmental impact by implementing best practices, and communicating our successes to the campus via this website and other forums.

Emerson is a signatory to the President’s Climate Commitment and AASHE: Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.