Vision, Objective, and Values


Our vision for the future is simple and strong: Emerson College aspires to be the world’s leading institution of higher education in the arts and communication, infused with liberal arts.


To realize our vision, we must establish Emerson as an intellectual and creative community in which teaching, learning, scholarship and creative work are accomplished at the highest possible levels and in ways that manifest our values. 

Core Values

At Emerson, we are dedicated to:  

  • Engaged student learning that results in high-level intellectual and creative achievement;
  • Teaching excellence;
  • Research and creative expression that strengthen instruction;
  • Innovation;
  • Intercultural competence in an increasingly global world;
  • Exemplary and thoughtful use of technology;
  • Diversity of thought and people;
  • Active, meaningful interaction with local, national, and global communities;
  • Ethical engagement;
  • Moral courage;
  • Responsible use of resources (human, financial, and physical facilities).

Strategic Plan