The Spirit of Emerson

Orientation leaders greet the class of 2017 for move-in

Orientation leaders greet the class of 2017 for move-in

The Spirit of Emerson is that which increases the radiance, reputation, pro-social organizations, and/or creative, positive expression of Emerson College.

Definition and "E-Spirit"

Keeping in mind that, in Stéphane Mallarmé words, “to define is to destroy; to suggest is to create”, and keeping in mind that spirit is often intangible and fresh, the “spirit of Emerson” will not be tightly defined. However, to give guidance to the committee, this working definition of “the spirit of Emerson” will serve as a touchstone for the selection process for the Award recipient.

The Spirit of Emerson is a positive outpouring of Emerson College’s activities, interpersonal relations, creations, diversity, and expression including the spirit of all stated in Emerson’s mission statement, President Pelton’s five strategic objectives, our legacy, motto, or/and "E- spirit." E-spirit is electric, innovative energy in thought and creation in the E-age, in which “E” stands simultaneously for “electric” and “Emerson.”

The Spirit of Emerson also includes the deliberate honoring and acknowledging of those who do exude such spirit.

The Spirit of Emerson Award

The Spirit of Emerson Committee is now calling for nominations for the 2016 Spirit of Emerson Award. The Award will be given annually to two individuals or groups of individuals each year who have exemplified the College spirit during the past academic year as determined by the Committee. One recipient will be a individual student or group of students; the other will be an individual or group selected from the Emerson alumni, trustee, overseer, faculty, or administrative community. The student award will be administered by Emerson College’s Student Government Association who will develop their own process for approval, as use well as the provided criteria. Find out more »

Committee Members

Eiki Satake, Chair

Michael Duggan, representative, Office of the President

Nancy Howell, representative, Office of Communications and Marketing

Rachel Gelaw, representative, staff


Tom Cooper, Faculty, Professor of Visual & Media Arts

Andy Tiedemann, Administration, Vice President of Communications & Marketing