Business Services

Function Room Policies

  1. Posters, including notices, signs, directions, decorations and the like on walls, windows, doors, ceilings, etc., are not permitted without advance approval by management. Informational or directional signs pertaining to a function can be displayed on a portable sign board or easel.
  2. Decorating of any kind, including free-standing, wall-mounted, or ceiling hung decorating is not permitted without advance approval by management.
  3. Use of candles or open flames is not permitted, including catering sternos.
  4. Users must not impair traffic flow outside of function rooms.
  5. Filming or videotaping in function rooms is restricted. Requests to use or the intent to use a function room to film or videotape must be submitted and/or approved in advance by management.
  6. Housekeeping or maintenance problems, including cleanup of spills, are to be reported to Facilities Management by placing an online work order at Negligence and failure to report problems could incur additional expense to the user.
  7. When requesting Beard, Bordy or Dining 1, you will be required to enter a department or student organization account number. If you are reserving as an individual student, please enter your Emerson ID number.