Property Management

Registration & Policies


Fall 2013 Boylston Place Bike Room Registration (registration opens at 9am on September 3, 2013)

Registrations and registration numbers are valid only for the period(s) for which they are issued. Any of these may be renewed for a new registration period, and all registrations become void when the registrant leaves the College.

End of Fall Semester Procedures

Boylston Place Bike Room

Students, faculty, or staff not returning to campus forfeit their parking spots. This includes:

  • Students graduating or leaving the College
  • Students relocating to the Castle or Los Angeles for study
  • Faculty or staff leaving the College

Those who forfeit their parking spot must remove their bicycle from the space by the last day of the academic semester.

Ansin Building Bike Parking

The Ansin Building bike parking facility is closed when the College is closed. The space reopens on the first day classes are in session.

Spring Semester Procedures

Boylston Place Bike Room

A two-week registration period for available parking spots will be offered during the first two weeks of spring semester classes for students returning from study at the Castle or in Los Angeles. Thereafter, if there are parking spots remaining, students on the waitlist will be contacted and given a three-day period to register their bikes.

Ansin Building Bike Parking

You may register for parking throughout the semester.

End of Year Closing & Summer Parking

Boylston Place Bike Room

All non-summer registered bikes must be removed by noon on the day of the last residence hall closing. Card access will be terminated for those not registered for summer parking.

The Boylston Place Bike Room is available to all faculty, staff, residence hall students, students registered for summer classes, and student employees living on campus. (For students registered for class, proof of course registration must be provided to register for parking space.)

Registered users during the preceding academic school year may renew their bike registration for summer per space availability.

Summer bike parking occupants are not guaranteed a spot for the fall semester. All bikes must be removed from the space at the end of August for the summer cleaning/repair of the space.

Ansin Building Bike Parking

The Ansin Building bike parking facility is available year-round when the College is open.