Emersonians are a distinctive group of creative, talented individuals. Students come to Emerson for the hands-on programs, state-of-the-art technology, and world-class faculty. But, for many Emerson students, an education is not possible without the assistance of financial aid. This is where scholarship support becomes crucial.

When you help these students complete their Emerson experience, you not only show students they are a valuable part of the Emerson community, but you help relieve their financial burden after they graduate.

Besides contributing to a named fund, there are a number of ways to support scholarships at Emerson College:

Establish a Term Scholarship

With a minimum commitment of $3,000 a year for at least five years, a donor can name a scholarship for a loved one and give preferential criteria. The gift amount is provided as scholarship aid each year, and the scholarship terminates when the gift payments end. Many term scholarship donors choose to endow their scholarship so it continues in perpetuity.

Establish an Endowed Scholarship

With a minimum gift of $100,000, a scholarship can be funded in perpetuity. The scholarship can carry a name important to the donor, and preference can be given to recipients who meet donor-specified criteria.

Trustee Diversity Scholarships

The Emerson College Board of Trustees has established a program to provide full scholarships to qualified students whose participation will enhance the College's diversity. Each such scholarship requires a minimum annual commitment of $30,000 for four years and may be endowed with a minimum gift of $1,000,000.