A top priority for us at Emerson is to provide our students with the financial aid they need to continue their education. Some of our students depended on financial aid dollars long before the pandemic hit and have only seen their situation worsen. Others are facing new and urgent needs due to sudden loss of jobs and access to resources. We want to make sure that no student is forced to end their Emerson education because of a lack of financial aid dollars, and that we are able to give our students all that they need. But despite our best effort, that need is starting to outpace us

This is why the College is launching our most ambitious fundraising effort to date. Our commitment is to raise 10 million dollars in immediate-use financial aid over the next three years to keep students on course, unburden families, and allow all our students to continue pursuing the dreams they’ve worked so hard for.

Learn more about the different ways you can support this goal below.

Ready to Give?

If you know where you want to give your support, make your gift today.

Immediate Impact

One Emerson Scholarship Fund

COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, but we know that we are not all experiencing this pandemic the same way. The economic crisis will force many of our students to interrupt or completely end their Emerson education—unless we help. The One Emerson Scholarship Fund provides students with immediate access to financial aid dollars at a time when they need it most.

COVID-19 Impact Fund

Your gift to the COVID-19 Impact Fund will go towards resources like PPE; COVID-19 testing; teaching and technology; temporary space modifications; and more. These items are imperative in helping all members of the Emerson community stay safe and focused on what they do best—teaching, supporting, experimenting, innovating, and moving the world forward.

Empower Fund (Formerly the Annual Fund)

Formerly the Emerson College Annual Fund, this unrestricted fund is designed to raise money for Emerson's areas of greatest need. Through unrestricted support, you will help to create unrestricted possibilities. Your gift will help to support students in all aspects of their Emerson career. It will encourage creativity and enable innovation, while strengthening confidence and autonomy. Your gift will empower Emersonians.

Momentum Named Scholarships

Current-use scholarships are a powerful way to provide immediate support for students in need. Starting with an investment of $5,000 per year for three years, you can make a life-changing gift that gives Emerson students the momentum that they need right now to start or continue their Emerson education. If you establish a Momentum Scholarship, the value of your gift is awarded directly to students as a scholarship in your name over three years. By establishing a multi-year scholarship in your name – or in honor of a family member, mentor, or friend, you are leaving a long-lasting legacy at Emerson. For more information on establishing a named scholarship of any type, click the link below or contact Anna Biller at anna_biller@emerson.edu.

Lasting Impact

Endowed Scholarships

Endowment income is one of the primary sources of dedicated, long-term financial support for Emerson College. In creating an endowed scholarship, you create a lasting legacy with the college. Your gift today will remain in perpetuity and will provide financial aid dollars for Emerson students 100 years from now.