IT Student Policy on Journalism CreativityKit Pilot Program


1) Student Participants: Students participating in the CreativityKit Pilot Program will be referred to here as “Participants.”

2) CK Laptop: The CK Laptop is the device that will be distributed through the CreativityKit Pilot Program.

1. Laptop Hardware

The Fall 2016 Journalism CreativityKit Pilot Program will be based on the MacBook Air 13” 8/256.

2. Service Rules

Any Participant that has a problem with a CK Laptop should bring it to the IT Help Desk for evaluation.

If the IT Help Desk determines that Participants’ CK Laptops are having hardware problems, the Participants must bring the laptop to an Apple Store for service, repair, or replacement. If Apple determines there is a failure within the terms of the one-year warranty, Apple may service, repair or replace all or part of the CK Laptop. per the warranty. If Apple determines that the hardware is not covered by the warranty, Student Participants agree that they will have the CK Laptops serviced or repaired by Apple at their own expense. If the CK Laptop must be replaced, Participants agree that they will contact the IT Help Desk to arrange for a replacement paid for by the Participants.

Where a laptop repair will take from 3 to 10 days, a Participant may borrow a “loaner” laptop, stored at and vended from the IT Help Desk, subject to availability. The Participants assume the responsibility for loaner laptops as they do their own. The IT Help Desk may only provide a loaner laptop if the IT Help Desk has received the Apple repair confirmation for the Participant’s CK Laptop from the Apple Store.

3. Laptop Configuration and Software

CK Laptops will be distributed with (1) an account with administrative privileges for Participants; and (2) an Emerson administrative account for software maintenance. Participants agree that they will not remove Emerson IT’s administrative account. Participants understand that the administrative account is necessary for the software asset management system (“Casper”) to function and that such system allows use and installation of Emerson software. Participants agree that they will not remove Casper or any other software installed by Emerson IT.

Participants may not reformat or partition the hard drives of the CK Laptops. The CK Laptops may only run MacOS, on a single contiguous partition. Drive mapping needs to stay consistent for support purposes. IT will affix an asset tag to each CK Laptop. The Participants may not remove, alter or cover the asset tag; it must remain visible at all times.

There are three ways that software may be added to the CK Laptops:

  1. Casper may install or update software. Participants may not interfere with such processes.
  2. Participants may obtain software through Emerson Self Service.
  3. Participants may obtain software via the Apple App Store with their Apple ID.

4. The Software Build

Fall 2016
Adobe Creative Cloud
Microsoft Office Suite
Apple Apps: Keynote, Pages, Numbers, Garage Band, iMovie.
Final Cut Pro X
Casper Client

5. Encryption

The CK Laptops will be encrypted.

6. Replacement Cost

As of May 1st, 2016, the replacement cost of the current laptop is $1149. Participants are aware that this cost is subject to change and determined by Apple.

7. Appeal Process

In the event of extenuating circumstances, a student may appeal laptop damage or replacement costs. Appeals must be submitted via email to finaid [at] This request must include all details as well as the reason the student believes they should not pay for the laptop repair/laptop replacement.

Any police report or relevant information must be attached. The appeal request will be reviewed by a committee that will issue a final decision. The student will be notified at that time as to whether or not the cost will be waived.

Disclaimer: Emerson does not guarantee that the CK Laptops will perform continuously or without error. Participants use CK Laptops at their own risk, including risk of any work stoppage, physical or financial harm that may arise out of using electronic devices. 

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