IT Mobile Device Security Policy

All mobile phones, tablets, and pocket devices purchased with Emerson College funds must be inventoried and secured with a pin or password by Information Technology. Mobile device users are required to keep this security active. Sensitive data must not be locally stored on mobile devices. Examples include: FERPA protected student data; confidential medical or personnel information concerning any employee or student, and PIP information, such as social security numbers.

Lost or stolen devices that had an Emerson account set up can be wiped remotely, preventing the compromising of e-mail data. This includes personal devices that contain Emerson email accounts. The device's mail client must support remote wipe with Gmail for this functionality. Staff and faculty must (and students may) contact Emerson IT immediately to have the device wiped. If the device is recovered by its owner, they must contact IT to have the wipe cancelled.

In the investigation of a stolen device, Emerson College Police Department can request a network system search for the missing device. Emerson IT only has the ability to search for devices connected to its campus network, and will only search on the behest of the Police Department or General Counsel.