The College asks that during the Spring 2021 term, students do not travel away from their on- or off-campus residence overnight. Students who plan to be away from their campus residence (on- or off-campus) overnight are required to complete the Emerson College Travel Registration Form prior to leaving. This applies to any student (graduate or undergraduate) who is enrolled in Flex Learning courses or who visits campus routinely. *This applies to travel to any location inside or outside of Massachusetts, including within the Boston region.

After completing the form, a student’s access to campus buildings will be turned off beginning at the time of departure indicated on the form.  

Upon return from their travel, students must complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Massachusetts Travel Form (if they have traveled to any other state or country)
  2. Quarantine in their room or off-campus residence until they have taken a COVID-19 test at the Emerson/TMC Testing Center and received a negative test result.
  3. Campus access will automatically be restored once receipt of a negative test result is logged into the CareEvolve system.
  4. Please note that on-campus residents must make independent arrangements for meals upon their return to campus. On-campus residents will be permitted access to their residential assignment upon return, but will be restricted from all other areas of campus until a negative test result is received. During this time students should not visit with others. 
  5. Students should make appropriate arrangements with professors for any in-person class time they will miss as a result of quarantine.

Students who are found to have violated this policy will be referred to Community Standards. Those who are found responsible can face sanctions up to and including suspension from housing, suspension from the College, or separation from the College. 

This policy is in place for Spring 2021 and will be reviewed and updated as necessary.

Travel Registration Policy Q&A