Failure to Comply with Expectations & Requirements

This document outlines guidelines, expectations and requirements related to maintaining a safe and healthy campus community and reducing the potential risk of the transmission of COVID-19. We have a shared responsibility to keep ourselves and our fellow community members safe. Therefore, students must follow the expectations and requirements outlined in this document in addition to those in the Emerson Code of Community Standards. If a student or student organization does not follow requirements, they will be subject to proceedings and sanctions by the Office of Community Standards. If a student or student organization declines to follow COVID-related policies including, but not limited to, wearing a face cover, social distancing, symptom tracking, and/or testing requirements, they will be subject to sanctions up to and including Suspension from Housing, Suspension from the College, or Separation from the College. The policies that have been put in place are to keep everyone in our community safe and we must all do our part. 

Should you have questions, please contact communitystandards [at]