Greetings, students! As the Spring semester approaches, we are truly looking forward to welcoming you—or welcoming you back—to Emerson. We are confident that our community will respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic challenges, as we did last semester. Most important, we are confident that we will each, as members of this shared and beloved community, continue to take seriously the responsibility to keep ourselves and each other as safe and healthy as possible so that we can continue to learn, connect, create, collaborate, and grow together.

Guided by the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Leadership Working Groups, our reopening process is rooted in three principles:

  1. Ensure that the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is our utmost priority.
  2. Create inclusive, humane, responsive, and fiducially sound solutions.
  3. Identify and devise solutions to critical problems informed by pandemic epidemiology, health and safety data, and other relevant considerations.

This guide is primarily focused on students returning to Boston. Information about Emerson Los Angeles and Kasteel Well will be shared directly by staff at those centers with the students scheduled to attend the program this fall. At all three locations, Emerson’s plans are aligned and consistent with local orders and advisories. In Boston, those primarily consist of the City of Boston, the Boston Public Health Commission, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Phased Reopening Model introduced by Governor Charlie Baker.

Emerson’s plans also follow recommendations from:

Our knowledge and understanding of the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve, and our policies and plans will be updated as needed and as information becomes available.

Expectations & Guidelines for Students

Every member of the Emerson community is responsible for doing their part in keeping themselves healthy and safe so that others may do the same. COVID-19 is a very contagious virus. This guide seeks to outline the many efforts that, in combination, may reduce risk. All students are expected to review this document; fully comply with the policies, protocols, and guidelines outlined here; and stay abreast of all updates. Please check the One Emerson website regularly for updates.

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Please check the FAQ periodically for updates.

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Please note that the policies, procedures and practices described here may change as external guidance about COVID-19 evolves. Please check the Emerson COVID-19 webpages for updates. The Guide contains many details. Please use the search feature to quickly identify your specific desired content.