Sofia Belenky

Technology Support Specialist

Sofia is the long-time Technology Support Specialist in Emerson IT. Originally from Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg), Sofie attended Radio Polytechnical and received a bachelor’s degree in radio electronics. After building a family, Sofie came to Boston, MA, where she worked as an electronic technician for a public library. She began full-time at Emerson in 1990, and was a key member of Emerson’s original three-person IT department, learning, implementing, and purchasing any new technology that entered the college. In the nearly 30 years at Emerson, Sofie has trained and mentored hundreds of work-study students, and continues to be a principal hardware and tech support specialist. The campus print server is named after her, for her years of printer repair. She is a collector of Star Trek: The Next Generation toys, enjoys reading, and tinkering with new and old hardware in her basement.


  • IT User Services