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 Dr. Sarah S. Hosman's areas of focus are urban sociology, economic sociology, and cultural sociology. Dr. Hosman's dissertation is an urban ethnography of the Allston neighborhood, specifically examining how neighborhood actors deploy cultural narratives to orient Allston's past and shape its future. In so doing, locals perpetuate a precarious housing market and neighborhood inequality. Previous research has focused on Taqwacore, a subculture of Muslim and Arab American punk rockers, who have forged community, identity, and resistance in a post-9/11 context. In future research, Dr. Hosman will examine the role of local institutions in shaping neighborhood outcomes, especially housing and how adjacent neighborhoods negotiate residential and commercial change. Dr. Hosman has taught courses on urban sociology, the sociology of popular culture, introduction to sociology, and a course on punk rock in global contexts. During the Fall 2018 term, Dr. Hosman is teaching SO 210: "Media, Culture, and Society."


  • Department Marlboro Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Since 2018


B.A., University of Southern Mississippi
M.A., University of North Carolina, Greensboro
Ph.D., Boston University


Hosman, Sarah S. (2013). Taqwacore: Punk Islam in the USA. In S. T. Horsfall, J-M. Meij, & M. Probstfield (Eds.). Ritual, Authenticity and Globalization in Music: An Introduction to the Sociology of Music. Paradigm Press.


Hosman, Sarah S. (2018). Allston Christmas: How Local Rituals Reproduce Neighborhood Temporality and Deter Gentrification. Urbanities: Journal of Urban Ethnography, 8, 2.


Hosman, Sarah Siltanen (2019). Book review of Gender Inequality In Metal Music Production by Pauwke Berkers and Julian Schaap. Gender & Society.



Boston University's Initiative on Cities Early Stage Research Grant


Global & Civic Engagement

Hosman, Sarah S. Allston and Student Gentrifiers. Invited presentation at Boston University’s “Professor Perspectives: Gentrification in Boston,” October, 2017, Boston, MA.