Blaine Butler

Associate Director, Employer Engagement and Marketing

I’m the Associate Director for Employer Engagement and Marketing, and have been with Emerson for over five years. Prior to my role in Career Services, I served as the Employment Manager in the college’s Human Resources department. My role in our office is focused on developing relationships with employers around the country to connect our students and alumni with internship and job opportunities.

Education: University of New Hampshire, BA Sociology
Favorite Places Traveled: San Francisco, CA, Paris & Loire Valley France, Amalfi Coast Italy, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai Thailand, The Hide Safari Camp Zimbabwe
Childhood dream job: I always wanted to be a TV Weatherman and would watch the Weather Channel for hours. To this day I still get excited during inclement weather and love storm watching!
Areas of Expertise: Campus Recruiting, Relationship Building, Marketing, Talent Agencies
First Job: Dunkin Donuts


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