Student Resources

Campus Resources

Emerson has a variety of offices and programs to support our students' needs. The Campus Resources page of the Handbook provides a brief overview of many of these services and connects you to more information!

Community Resources

Emerson is part of a larger vibrant community with access to many amazing resources. If you are unsure of who to contact, what services are available, or where to go, the Community Resources page of the Handbook is a great place to start!

Academic Standards and Resources

Academic Standards and Resources

The Emerson community is committed to academic excellence and provides students with the resources needed to support learning in the classroom and beyond. The Academic Standards and Resources page of the Handbook is a collection of these resources intended to help students succeed academically!

Community Standards, Policies, and Procedures

Campus Policies and Procedures

The Emerson College community is vibrant, creative, and caring. Emerson College students are challenged to think critically and show good judgment within the educational community environment where principles of freedom of expression, education, diversity, and fairness are valued and affirmed. The Community Standards, Policies and Procedures section of the Handbook outlines Campus policies and procedures that students need to know!


The Emerson College Student Handbook is intended to be a general guide and resource for students. The College expects students to be familiar with the College’s expectations concerning membership in the Emerson community set forth in this guide. However, the guide is not a contract between the College and its students. The College has the right to change its policies, procedures, and sanctions at any time.