Who Can Grant Which Permission:

Registration Restriction     Permission Granter
Class is restricted to a specific population (e.g., Freshmen only, Seniors only). Department Chair
Student wishes to over-enroll in a full class. Instructor
Student wishes to register for more than one section of a course (e.g., topics courses).  Department Admin
Course is restricted to a specific major and a non-major wishes to add the class. Department Chair
Student does not have the proper prerequisites. Department Chair
Course requires special approval to register (e.g., Dance Coordinator Permission, etc). Person designated as approver

The Process

  • If you feel it is appropriate to grant a student one of the above permissions, you will need to email your department assistant the name of the student, the course code, CRN and the type of permission you are granting.
  • The department admin will apply your permission online to the student’s account.
  • The student will then receive an email indicating online permission has been granted, and will be responsible for registering him or herself in the course online.

Note: The Faculty’s/Department Chair’s role in the permission granting process does not change once the semester begins. You will still only need to email your permission to your department’s assistant.


Comedic Arts

John-Albert Moseleyjohn_albert_moseley [at] emerson.edu

Communication Disorders

Estelle Ticktin, estelle_ticktin [at] emerson.edu

Communication Studies

Jo-Anne Berberan, joanne_berberan [at] emerson.edu

Institute for Liberal Arts

Hannah Johnston, hannah_johnston2 [at] emerson.edu 


Christopher Wilson, christopher_wilson [at] emerson.edu

Marketing Communication

Cynthia Ntinunu, cynthia_ntinunu [at] emerson.edu

Performing Arts

Jason Allen-Forrest, jason_allen [at] emerson.edu

Visual & Media Arts

John-Albert Moseleyjohn_albert_moseley [at] emerson.edu

Writing, Literature & Publishing

LaStarr Fisk, lastarr_fisk [at] emerson.edu