Designating a FERPA Proxy does not grant them access to your tuition bill. To set up an authorized user for your tuition bill, please see this page.

For Students

Emerson's FERPA Proxy Access system lets you grant a parent, guardian, or other third party permission to parts of your student record. You can also set up a passphrase for your Proxy, which authorizes Student Accounts, Financial Aid, Academic Advising, and the Registrar's Office to discuss permitted parts of your record over the phone.

To grant someone proxy access to your record, log in to eCommon and navigate to Student Services > Personal Information > Grant Proxy Access to Your Record.

Screen of Personal Information tab on eCommon

This will take you to your Proxy Management page. To add someone for the first time, select Add Proxy link.

"Add Proxy" link image under Proxy Management

Provide a name and email address and click the Add Proxy button.

Screen of "Add a Proxy" in eCommon

Select the Expand link next to the proxy's name. In the meantime, your Proxy will receive an email to set up an account.

Screen of Registrar Expand Proxy Settings

The page will expand to show you a ProfileAuthorizationHistory, and Communication tab.

Under Profile, select a Relationship type and Description (e.g. Mother), along with a Passphrase. Your Proxy will be asked for this Passphrase if they call an Emerson administrative office. You can also set a Start Date and Stop Date to control when this person will have proxy access.

You must select E-mail Passphrase to inform your proxy of their new passphrase (it will NOT be sent automatically).

Registrar Proxy Passphrase screen

Finally, select the Authorization tab and select specific pages you would like your proxy to be able to view. This information is saved immediately as you make changes.

Proxy for student authorizations

After making your selections, select E-mail Authorizations to let your Proxy know which pages they can view.

For Parents and other Recipients

After an Emerson student designates your e-mail address as a Proxy, you will receive an email with an Action Password and link to set up your account. Click the link and enter your email and Action Password.

On the next page:

  1. Re-enter your email address
  2. Old PIN: Enter the Action Password from your email.
  3. Enter a New PIN: This is your new permanent password.
  4. Validate PIN: Type your new permanent password again.

Registrar Proxy access, set password screen

On the next page you will see a Profile tab, and a tab with name of the student who granted your access. Complete your personal profile here.

Your student will designate specific pages for you to view. You will receive a confirmation email once this is done. Student record information that has been granted to you will be viewable on the tab labeled with the student's name.

Screen of Registrar Proxy authorized pages

If you have already set up your proxy account, you may login here.